• Toyota Recall

    Posted on October 23, 2013 by in automotive, Google

    Toyota has had two recalls in the past week. One for creepy spiders in the which they can build webs blocking a key drainage tube in the air-conditioning unit and the other recall was on a defective wiper switch on October 10th.

    To fix the issue, Toyota dealers will apply a sealant and install a new part to cover the air-conditioner’s condensing unit. Affected Toyota owners will be notified by mail, and dealerships will make the repair free of charge.

    Dealers should add a landing page in the Service Tab on your website so your customers can find out more information on the recall. Relevant content should be written on the page so Toyota customers can find your dealership to get these issues fixed.

    You never know who is ready for a new vehicle or who needs more service to be done.