• Top Vehicles For Generation Y

    Posted on January 24, 2013 by in automotive, ebusiness

    While Toyota and Honda may come as no surprise as the brand that Gen Y purchase, third place may be come as a bit of a shock: Ford.

    Research performed by AutoPacific, an automotive research and consulting firm, list Toyota and Honda as the number one a two purchased automotive brands by Gen Y’ers and Ford as a surprising 3rd on the list.

    Gen Y is defined as anyone born after 1982. This makes those people as old as 31 years of age.

    Ford is making these gains due to its strong push on fuel-efficient vehicles and marketing initiatives that appeal to this generation, such as American Idol and heavy online advertising.

    This survey by AutoPacific is performed annually on over 42,000 new car and truck buyers and is aimed at finding out how this generation compares older generations.


    1. Toyota

    2. Honda

    3. Ford

    4. Chevrolet

    5. Nissan

    6. Hyundai

    7. Volkswagen

    8. Kia

    9 . Dodge

    10. Subaru