• Superbowl Ads saw HUGE increases in online search

    Posted on February 5, 2013 by in automotive, ebusiness, Marketing, social media

    Every car manufacturer that advertised during the big game this year saw a large increase in traffic to their websites and on Autotrader.com.  The increase on online searches to autotrader.com and to the manufacturer websites. On average, vehicles that were advertised during the game saw a 245% increase* in search activity on Autotrader during the hour after the ads ran.

    The top performing online models were:

    • Hyundai Santé Fe
    • Kia Forte
    • Kia Sorento

    The overall model winner goes to the Hyundai Santé Fe with over a 1004% increase* in online searches.

    Automakers who chose to use their ad time to promote their overall brand or product that’s not yet available to consumers saw on average 79% increase in search activity. The top performers were:

    • Lincoln
    • Mercedes-Benz
    • Jeep
    • Ram

    The individual manufacturer winner was Lincoln with a 242% increase in online searches.


    *The percent lift is based on the hour the ad ran versus the comparison hour (5 pm EST, the hour before the game began). 
 Reference Autotrader.com