• Starting A Social Media Existence For Your Business

    Posted on July 14, 2011 by in ebusiness
    So you’ve read our previous posts on the value of Social Media for business and now you want to be in the game.

    Your first question may be, “Can I do this in house?”. 

    The short answer is “YES” but the realities are that this topic deserves a deeper dive into the feasibility of managing it in house vs. outsourcing it.

    Leaning towards managing it in house?

    Here are a few items you should keep in mind to determine if you are prepared for the task:

    • Headcount – Do you have the people in house who can actually manage the process and are those people knowledgeable enough to actually do it? Just because you have an associate who “is always on Facebook” is not a qualifying factor for a successful implementation.
    • Resources – More than hardware, the real question is do you have the time to invest in this medium while still focusing on your core business? Companies tend to start off strong but enthusiasm wanes as time goes by. Stamina is key.
    • Buy-in – Does your entire organization understand the need and reasons why you are investing in this medium? Do they see the value? If not, it will be more difficult to succeed.
    • Synergy – Will you be able to remain consistent with your message across multiple mediums? There should be synergy across all forms of your marketing. Online. Print. TV. Radio. 

    Proper use of Social Media can produce improved customer satisfaction, increase brand awareness, improve search engine rankings and generate increased product sales. To be most effective you should have an all encompassing alternative marketing strategy which includes social media.

    Social Media is just one small part of a quality online, alternative marketing plan. Before you go out and create a Facebook page or Google+ account, develop a game plan and determine if the return on your investment would be better if you did it in house or outsource it. As a business owner, you owe it to yourself to determine which way is best for your business. For most businesses, a higher ROI is achieved from outsourcing these tasks as that company will have the expertise in this field and can handle your entire alternative marketing strategy, not just your Social Media campaign. 

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