• Social Media – Why a Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile for Business

    Posted on February 4, 2011 by in ebusiness, Marketing, social media

    We often hear the question “Why should I create a Facebook “page” versus just creating a separate personal Facebook account? Its so much easier to just do that.”

    A Facebook page is distinctly different from a Facebook account. Anyone can view your page. Users do not have to LIKE or become a friend to see the content. Why is this important? For one it means that search engines (google, bing etc) can see your content and thus index it for search results. Another reason it is important, it allows you to reduce your marketing spend to reach people who may not want to “like” you for various reasons. Everyone can see the content.

    Besides that, doing so would be in violation of Facebooks TOS agreement, (you can have only 1 personal page), there are many other reasons why you would want to create the page versus a personal account. Lets take a look at a few:

    1. Business pages accommodate multimedia marketing content.

    Setting up various tabs on your business page will allow you to organize and promote different types of marketing content. For example, wall posts are great for providing updates about your products and services, a tab for photos can fill in visual details and a tab dedicated to videos can showcase product demonstrations, how-to’s and other video content. You can add as many tabs as you want and focus them based on your marketing objectives. The ability to create tabs reflects the flexibility of Facebook pages.

    2. Business pages’ customizable options allow you to manage customer feedback.

    Fan participation is indispensable to a well-run business page, but as a page administrator, you can customize the ways in which you receive feedback to maximize the effectiveness of page management. You can decide whether fans can post comments, photos, and/or videos on the wall tab, and you can upload survey questions to the discussion tab to gather customer feedback on aspects of your products for which you’d like input. Careful adjustment of application settings can help you minimize time spent on cleaning spam and searching for comments that directly contribute to improving your products.

    3. Business pages meet the needs of both large and small businesses for free.

    Business of all sizes can get value out of Facebook. On the one hand, big corporations can display a more accessible and personal image by promptly answering customer inquiries and posting fun photos or videos. On the other hand, small businesses and start-ups can expand their customer base by reaching out to friends and promoting content, thus lowering marketing-related costs.

    Now that you have a better understanding of the difference between Facebook “Account” and “Page”, how do you find out if your Facebook Page is worth the investment? Take a look here to find out more on how to measure your social media ROI. Its not how you would expect.