• “Social Media Provides No ROI”. Social Media Is Just A Fad.

    Posted on July 13, 2011 by in ebusiness
    We often get the question “Why should I bother with Facebook? Its just a fad. I have yet to attribute a singe sale to a Facebook post”.

    From a business perspective, the ROI associated with Social Media cannot be easily proven in a financial statement. However, if you believe that staying in touch with existing clients and providing prospects with relevant information, you know, providing quality customer service, then the ROI becomes a bit easier to manage. You train your staff to perform certain tasks yet not everyone one of those tasks directly results in a sale. Its just one small part of the package.

    Times change. Along with that so does the way people interact and communicate with with one another and with businesses.

    Years ago when you needed a phone number or address of a company you opened up the yellow pages. Whens the last time you did that?

    5 years ago, email was king. Now? Not so much. Email is something “dad does at work”.
    Point is, companies need to adapt. Social Media is todays email / yellow pages. It may fade in the coming years, but that does not excuse companies from embracing it today.

    Provide your customers and prospects with relevant information in a manner they prefer and I promise you, you will have a positive Return On Investment.