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Website Analytics – Why SiteWatch?


Website Analytics Made Easier, Clearer, More Accessible

Website analytics have typically only been fully utilized by those who work in the IT department or who deal with this data for a living (like search engine marketers). With the thousands of dollars being pumped into building traffic to websites and trying to increase either lead generation or sales, that’s not good for those who may be paying the bills, but really aren’t sure if it’s all worth it.

Enter SiteWatch and a new breed of website analytics. This program brings all of the functionality of website analytics packages costing thousands of times more to functions and departments who also need the data like:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Advertising
  • Fulfillment

And more….

For example, say you need to stay on top of fast moving trends and what people are really interested in. Rather than trying to figure out which pages are attracting the most visitors by combing through complex spreadsheets generated by the IT department from their website analytics program, SiteWatch offers a concise Popular Pages report that hones in on how many have visited pages, who is new and who has returned and how long they stayed. Critical information for both improving content, but also seeing what is and is not catering to your customers.

And that’s just the start of a kinder, gentler but more powerful website analytics experience. SiteWatch website analytics reports also include traffic analysis such as:

Visitor Totals, which can be broken out by page views, how many unique visitors, how many returning visitors, who stayed and who left (bounce rate) all by any date range you wish.

Referral Links to see exactly which websites are sending the most traffic to you and from what exact places in those sites.

Global Statistics which provides a powerful, drill down geographic listing of all website analytics traffic, giving you a fast visual understanding of where your best potentials are coming from.

Computer Stats¬†allows even the non technical among us to learn more about what the visitors are using to view the website including the browser types and if they have critical “sending tools” enabled that allow SiteWatch to do it’s job effectively.

Search Engines gives a razor-close view of what people are searching for that drives them to your website, with clear analytics allowing you to segment by which search engine and drill down to find out where those searchers are coming from.

With SiteWatch, website analytics goes from “chore” to “score” with meaningful data that goes beyond reams of statistics to the heart of what is most needed to increase business. For example, our typical SiteWatch customer sees an increase in unique (new) visitors and also page views. So, apparently these are website analytics people can (and do) act on.

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