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SiteWatch by S2R Solutions with SocialCaster ‚Ñ¢

A Simplified Way for SMBs to Track and Measure their Social Media Activity

SiteWatch by S2R Solutions with SocialCaster‚Ñ¢ is a new, simple way to track and measure your social media mentions and activity. The new solution helps small businesses make better decisions and increase revenue based on insights gained from social media.

SocialCaster connects ALL the dots around social media by aggregating ALL activity from multiple social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter (LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Plus coming soon!). The solution
 also provides detailedSiteWatch Social Caster information on how that activity trans
lates to website traffic, and how 
that traffic converts to sales -
 perhaps the most important
 indicator of the success of any
 social media strategy. Since it is
 a cloud-based solution, SocialCaster is implemented and
 configured in a matter of
 minutes. Once configured,
 SocialCaster instantly starts tracking and measuring your social media mentions and activity based on user-defined keywords.

Unlike most social media tracking solutions, SocialCaster stores and provides access to aggregated information for up to 12 months, enabling businesses to easily monitor the growth and history of their social media participation.

Social media significantly influences customer behavior and is playing an increasingly critical role in day-to-day activities for SMBs. SiteWatch by S2R Solutions with SocialCaster makes social media measurement simple, and provides visibility and measurement that is easy to understand. The simplicity and ease of use of SocialCaster makes it perfectly suited to SMBs to help them track and leverage their social media participation and improve their online presence and customer engagement.

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