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Top 15 Differences Between SiteWatch by S2R Solutions and Google Analytics

SiteWatch by S2R Solutions

  • Real-Time Information Platform SiteWatch by S2R Solutions, the first platform to offer real-time, next generation analytics reports, enables users to see how many people are on their Website “right now.” There is less than a tenth of a second delay between someone clicking on a page and that data being viewable in the SiteWatch reporting area. Google Analytics results can be delayed by 6 to 24 hours.
  • Anonymous Visitor Identification/Lead Capture SiteWatch by S2R Solutions’ LeadCaster solution identifies anonymous visitors and turns them into leads in real time! LeadCaster provides the name of each company that visits your website while they are on your site. Our integration with JigSaw, Salesforce.com‚ LinkedIn and the NetProspex business contact database provides key contact information for that company, which can be imported directly into SalesForce.com, other CRM system or SiteWatch by S2R Solutions’ own lead management tools.
  • Detailed Advertising Campaign Reporting The ability to track all ad, banner, sales and marketing campaigns through one central reporting area is one of SiteWatch by S2R Solutions’ strongest and most valued features. The AdCam reporting module makes it simple to track all online marketing campaigns under one umbrella, from PPC to press releases. Bounce rates, conversions and even fraud alerts are incorporated into the detailed click path reports. ROI tracking, comparisons and detailed analysis are all inclusive. No other program offers what SiteWatch by S2R Solutions does for online ad and marketing management.
  • Impartial, Broad-Spectrum Keyword Reports  Comprehensive keyword, terms and phrases, trending, custom reporting filters, search engine rank and SEO analysis tools report on ALL searches. When was the last time Google provided you with information on a Bing search?!?!?
  • Detailed Click Path Reporting  Ability for users to easily understand every Website visitor’s complete click path. SiteWatch by S2R Solutions always tracks all visitors back to their point of origination, keywords, referral links, country and cities of origin along every moment they are on the Website, through to their exit. Since SiteWatch by S2R Solutions only records human traffic (no bots or crawlers), the numbers are not skewed, and are hyper relevant.
  • Presentation Ready Reports  SiteWatch by S2R Solutions’ reports and data layouts are so sexy that they are ready to print on demand for stellar presentations, engaging white papers, informational profiles or corporate reports.
  • IP Address & ISP Reporting  All unique visitors are identified by their IP addresses, and all IP addresses are mapped back to their Internet service provider (ISP), showing a company name whenever available.
  • Complete World Mapping  Unique to SiteWatch by S2R Solutions, we offer complete world mapping of all continents. Within each continent, there are state level details. Within each State, there are city level details. Within each city, you have individual click path reporting of all visitors from that city.
  • Robust TouchMapping  Using a “heat sensing” overlay, SiteWatch by S2R Solutions graphically maps each click a Website visitor makes on the user’s pages. The data is graphically displayed by overlaying the actual page for instant identification of links, images and elements clicked upon. This great looking report includes a variety of management tools for custom reports. Its simplicity is a SiteWatch by S2R Solutions trademark.
  • Identities  The Identities feature within the SiteWatch by S2R Solutions platform enables you to track customer and return visitors by e-mail address, enabling you to gather important business intelligence to better serve customers and prospects
  • Activity Alerts Customizable email and/or SMS text notifications are sent whenever a predefined action has occurred on a user’s Website. A variety of tracking parameters can be selected for very specific alerts.
  • Page Load Time tracking   SiteWatch by S2R Solutions now offers page load time tracking, which is an important element for your search engine optimization efforts.
  • Social Media Tracking – SiteWatch by S2R Solutions offers Facebook tracking, and is focused heavily on building out robust social media tracking capabilities, as social media continues to be a critical element of any online strategy
  • User Interface – Compare the SiteWatch user interface with Google Analytics and then tell us what you think! The simplicity and beauty of our interface means accessing your data, and managing your site, are actually enjoyable parts of your work day. We provide POWERFUL information, but in a way that is simple to understand and manage.
  • Support – Our mission is to empower and amaze with simplified measurement and discovery. SiteWatch by S2R Solutions offers our customers outstanding service and live support whenever help is needed. With SiteWatch by S2R Solutions, you can talk to an actual, live, breathing, smart, knowledgeable person whenever you need them!

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15 Differences Between SiteWatch by S2R Solutions and Google Analytics

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