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SiteWatch by S2R Solutions’ Identities  provides a uniquely specific method for tracking visitors, with the ability of tagging them using database information, such as subscriber name, product number, e-mail address…anything you keep in a database.

S2R Solutions IdentitiesAre your site visitors invisible?By “tagging” your page tracking snippet with a unique identification, you can track exactly who is doing what, when, where, and how. Identities Eye CandyClick on the image below to see many more details about Identities tracking!
Identities Features…

  • Identify subscribers
  • Track repeat customers
  • Record Inventory numbers
  • Track who’s viewing vehicle inventory
  • Follow your book sales by ISBN
  • Watch real estate listings perform
  • Isolate user accounts
  • Identify by any database criteria!
Identities SiteWatch S2R Solutions

The Identities program allows you to customize your reporting by tagging each known visitor with a specific description. By adding an additional piece of information to your main tracking snippet, you have the ability to track page views by specific visitor identity (i.e., a username, customer name, subscription date, product, catalog, serial or part number, etc.).


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