SiteWatch vs Competition

SiteWatch VS the Competition

So how does SiteWatch stack up vs the competition?

As you can see for the table below, SiteWatch is the clear choice over the major Analytic providers not only from the analytics perspective but from pure price perspective.

There is no analytics provider that can match SiteWatch by S2R Solutions in data collection AND value.

If you’re a current Ominiture, HootSuite, Google Analytics, Hubspot, GetClicky, ActOn or WebTrends client, you owe it to yourself to see what SiteWatch can do for your business. And save you money on top of it.

Not only does SiteWatch provide better website analytics, but the cost savings alone will make you smile!

Even Omniture, the tremendously expensive enterprise analytics provider, can’t measure up to what SiteWatch by S2R Solutions can provide. See for yourself:

SiteWatch Vs Competition

SiteWatch Vs Competitors

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SiteWatch vs Competition

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