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S2R Solutions AdCaMAdCaM is an advertising campaign manager that offers a customizable and easy ad tracking and reporting tool that allows you to maximize your marketing dollars. By using custom campaign names and their corresponding codes in your sales and marketing URLs, AdCaM’s reporting will provide detailed and specific ad and market response tracking.

The Internet is the most measureable media there is. By tracking your online marketing with AdCaM, you can reduce your ad spend, increase your conversion rates and identify your return on investment.


Stop the Marketing Madness!

It is estimated that, on average, 50% of marketing dollars are improperly spent or poorly targeted–or both. AdCaM reports show you exactly which ads are working and which are not. Additionally, AdCaM reports are real-time, so you can monitor, adjust and optimize your campaigns as they happen…and make proactive versus reactive decisions!


S2R Solutions AdCaM

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“Half of my marketing is working…I just don’t know which half!” 

This well-known marketing lament doesn’t have to be true for you! With AdCaM, see every time anyone responds to your advertising.

  • Save time & money
  • Use your ad dollars effectively
  • Optimize online advertising
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AdCaM features give you the ability to:

  • Create unlimited tracking campaigns
  • Track banners, pay-per-click, e-mails, press releases, links, etc.
  • Monitor marketing clickthroughs in real-time
  • Watch for click-fraud
  • Analyze campaign details such as:
    • Number of clicks per day, per campaign
    • Cost Per Click (CPC)
    • Geographical location of visitors
    • Referral links of campaign links
    • Report by selectable date ranges
    • Conversion reporting
    • Compare all your campaigns side-by-side

Benefit: As a Website owner, you are fully aware of the value of online advertising. Whether using no- and low-cost marketing options, or paying pretty pennies for pay-per-click programs or highly visual banner ads, you want to know when your efforts get results. With AdCaM, you will know immediately when someone acts on your ad.

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