SiteWatch for eCommerce

SiteWatch for eCommerce

Measuring ALL Customer Touchpoints Across the SMB eCommerce Ecosystem

SiteWatch by S2R Solutions is a cloud-based web analytics / customer intelligence platform that captures complex analytical data and translates it into simple, easy-to-understand insights for SMB eCommerce.

The SiteWatch by S2R Solutions solution collects and translates data from a variety of eCommerce touchpoints, including websites, product pages, shopping carts, advertising, marketing campaigns, social media, search, and more. By translating this critical data into actionable information, SiteWatch by S2R Solutions enables well-informed business decisions that maximize online marketing effectiveness and increase sales opportunities.


SiteWatch eCommerce

SiteWatch by S2R Solutions is an integrated, single-source ecosystem that includes powerful web analytics and campaign tracking to optimize online marketing ROI, plus an anonymous visitor identification solution that helps you turn website visitors into new sales leads in real time.

SiteWatch by S2R Solutions integrates seamlessly with eCommerce service providers and online platforms including X.commerce, Magento, and many others, providing greater visibility and insights into the effectiveness of your online business. In addition, SiteWatch’s Pulse™ solution continuously monitors your overall online presence, and provides specific information on how to make improvements.

For SMBs that rely on eCommerce, SiteWatch by S2R Solutions is a mission critical tool for providing insights that can improve their online effectiveness, maximize marketing ROI, and increase sales.


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