• Are your salespeople in the 21st Century?

    Posted on May 28, 2013 by in Process Management



    Is it time to train your salespeople on how the Internet Department works?

    Do the sales professionals on your floor still carry flip phones, have no idea how to text message, scared of using the CRM, and not sure how leads are really generated?

    Maybe it is time to give them e-commerce 101.

    Sales professionals in car dealerships need to engage the Internet Savvy Customer with computer chat, text messaging and even video.

    The increase in Internet leads, mobile phone calls and other methods of contacting dealers is driving change on showroom floors.

    If your dealership has an “appointment setting” process in the BDC, who is responsible for the sold and unsold follow-up? The salesperson that handled the Internet customer should be, but are they Internet Savvy enough to do so?

    Every employee in a car dealership should be able to communicate with the “21st Century Car buyer”. Let’s help them get there.