• The Pros of the 6 Social Media Sites

    Posted on June 13, 2013 by in social media

    Rated in order, here are a few good reasons to be on these Social Sites:

    1. Facebook-Most popular social network, huge audience, low-cost, Traffic, targeted advertising, easy and perfect for creating buzz.
    2. Twitter- Low-cost, real-time, Outstanding customer service tool if used properly, easy to target relevant communication.
    3. Google+-Need I say more. It’s GOOGLE people!!! Search and SEO priority, easy to share, navigate, and connect early.
    4. Linkedin-Amazing networking groups, recruitment tool, low-cost, local and global access, and easy to discuss business.
    5. You Tube- Targeted marketing, Search priority (2nd to Google), easy to create and share, educational (“how to videos”).
    6. Pinterest- Source of referral traffic, great for products and amazing for you visual peeps, FEMALE AUDIENCE!!! Women make most of the buying decisions in the household!! Great way to promote and advertise your product. From recipes to automobiles.