• Does Pandora generate leads?

    Posted on October 30, 2013 by in automotive, Marketing, social media

    When you are listening to Bob Marley Radio or Kenny Chesney radio on Pandora and every other ad is now a car dealership. Are you wondering if it is working? Is their phone blowing up? Are the leads hitting CRM like crazy?

    Pandora is an Internet radio company that offers free content and paid subscriptions. Paying subscribers do not get ads; free subscribers listen to music and ads, similar to what they’d hear on traditional radio stations. The ads are hybrids of audio and print because listeners hear the content and see displays on their computer or device—if they are looking at the screen while the ad plays.

    Once again, you will never know as a dealer unless it is being tracked and your sales floor is sourcing properly.

    You need to know what your goals are before you spend $7k-$10k a month. If your goal is branding; Pandora may be a good fit. If you are interested in driving traffic, digital advertising may be better.

    You never know what works unless it is tracked and sourced properly!