• How to measure Your ROI

    Posted on August 27, 2013 by in ebusiness

    Keeping track of your internet leads for all third party sources is very important to make sure they are working for your dealership.  Your internet manager should be responsible for providing this to the dealer or General Manager so they know what works and what doesn’t.

    Keeping track of your incoming leads is a great way to identify where your new business leads are coming from, how frequently those leads turn into sales and how consumers react to different aspects of your content marketing strategy. You can invest in data tracking for phone calls, email, social media and keywords. The more comprehensive your data tracking strategy, the more you will be able to tailor your content marketing campaign to your target market. Google Analytics is a great way to measure many of these factors, but its frequent changes can affect the results it gives you.  Understanding how to measure your ROI from your content marketing strategy can seem frustrating, but you must take the time to learn. Once you do it, it becomes second nature. Learning to measure ROI is the same process. Find the system that works best for you and take your time to learn it inside and out. The dealer and the General Manager be much more inclined to approve your future content marketing campaigns if he sees that your ideas and implementation tactics produce measurable results.