• Five key ways to treat your customers in the showroom

    Posted on February 26, 2014 by in automotive

    We all know that consumers shop on-line before walking in the showroom door. They have narrowed down their decision, spoke to a BDC representative, they have multiple price quotes in hand, and chose your dealership. Now, let’s make sure they purchase from you.

    If sales people “opt-out” of taking Internet Customers, be sure they do not get them!!! Buying a car is a big purchase; let’s treat them with white glove service. Its not a $1,000 flat screen, it is a BIG purchase.  Sales people in Best Buy treat customers better than some car salesman in the auto business.

    Here are a few tips:

    1. Give a powerful Meet and Greet!! If a couple is purchasing, greet the lady first, for she is probably the decision maker.
    2. Know your product and give the best walk-a-around and demo drive.
    3. Be sure to give the customer time to think and space to talk.
    4. Listen to their needs and respect their limits.
    5. Spare the car salesman cliches.  Enough of the “What’s it going to take to drive this home today”?, “Let me talk to my manager”, ” Today is the best time to buy”.  ENOUGH!! These are old and very frustrating to hear. Really. It is all over the internet. Be real, be you, be honest. You will get the sale if you don’t use the lines that were drilled in your head years ago as you were learning four square.

    Communicate with your BDC representative prior to the appointment. You will know a lot about the customer before they walk in. Create your own script. Make it genuine.