What Is an H1 Tag

What Is an H1 Tag

Many clients ask us what is an H1 tag. Thats a GREAT question.

To really understand what an H1 tag is we need to take a step back and look at heading tags as a whole. Heading tags range from H1 all the way down to H6 and are a critical part of your on page seo factor. H1 being the most important (or most relevant) item on the page and H6 being the least. Use of these tags tell the search engines the priortiy in terms of relevance of the on page elements (text for example). Heading tags can be thought of as the headings in a bullet point outline such as this:

(TITLE TAG): Choices in College and After

(H1): The decisions I have to make regarding choices in college courses, depend on larger questions I am beginning to ask myself about my life’s work after college

(H2):. Two decisions described

(H3):. Art history or chemistry

(H4):. Professional considerations

(H4):. Personal considerations

(H3):. A third year of French?

(H4):. Practical advantages of knowing a foreign language

(H4):. Intellectual advantages

(H4):. The issue of necessity


In the above example, we have added the tags to the left of the line items (in bold). Use this as an example of how Title Tags and Heading Tags fit into the building of your website page content. The “outline” allows for search engines to categorize and indexed your pages correctly (and with relevance)

An H1 tag in its simplest form is the most important heading tag. It reinforces the Title Tag but should not duplicate it word for word. As you can see from the example above, the Title Tag keywords are referenced in the H1. This is a good practice.

H1 tags should only be used once on a page.

Without H1 tags in place, your page will have a hard time ranking for the chosen keywords.


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