What Is A WWW Redirect

What Is A WWW Redirect


A WWW Redirect, more commonly known as a 301 Redirect, can play a big part in your search engine optimization campaign.


What is a 301 Redirect?


A 301 redirect tells search engines both the information requested has moved and here it is (automatically forwarding). For example, you decide to move the content on one or more pages of your site to a new URL. The SEO for that page is already in place with the search engines and if you move it without putting into place a 310 redirect, the click will generate an error. Having a 310 redirect in place will automatically forward the user to the new location (URL) AND tell search engines the content has moved.


301 redirects are extremely important until the search engines have indexed those new pages and your SEO for those pages has had time to do its thing.


What you do not want to have happen is move a page that indexes well in the search engines and lose all the SEO behind it. A 310 redirect helps you to maintain the page authority and not lose the valuable SEO (along with money and time spent on it, not to mention money and time spent on SEO of the new location)


More Importantly


What Is A WWW Redirect?


Your website has a www version and a non-www version.


For example, http://www.s2rsolutions.com and http://www.s2rsolutions.com may be the same site.


Search engines do not decide if they are or they are not. When they are, and there is no WWW Redirect in place, search engines will index these two URLs separate from one another. At first this may sound beneficial, you’ll rank twice for the same search you may think, but this is not the case. Its all due to Duplicate Content and how it is viewed by search engines.


Duplicate content is not something you want on your website. Fresh, unique content is a must for any website for them to perform well in search. When you publish content to your website it may be going to your www and you non www site. With no www redirect in place, search engines see this as duplicate content and it actually hinders both URLs in search rankings.


One of the other issues is the way people may link to your content. You cannot control if people will link to the www site or the non-www site. As a result, if your website has been linked to from other websites using a mix of the two URLs you are effectively splitting the potential benefit of valuable link popularity You DO NOT WANT TO DILUTE your SEO campaign by having to manage two sites. You would need to create fresh content and market both URLs. Its much easier and efficient to simply WWW Redirect.


A WWW Redirect will redirect all traffic to your WWW site. Significantly assisting with long-term SEO strategies.


In theory, all sites should redirect all URLS associated with their domain which do NOT start with www (http://s2rsolutions.com) to the same pages on your domain that DOES start with www (http://www.s2rsolutions.com).


WWW Redirects are also known as Canonical Redirects.


We hope this helps to explain the 301 redirect, or as we like to call it, the WWW Redirect, and provides you with information to help you in your search engine optimization initiatives.


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