What Are Title Tags

What Are Title Tags


Title Tags could quite possible be the singular most important, on-page SEO element. The title tag provides a direct connection to the most important keywords on your website, while describing the concept of your site. Avoid title tags such as “home” or “about us”. These will not help drive more traffic to your site.

Visually, Title Tags appear in two main places. At the very top of a browsers window and as the clickable link within a search results page. Within a browser, for example, if you look at the top of your browser while on this page, you will see the Title Tag ” What Are Title Tags”. This clearly describes what this page is about. Within a search results page, the Title Tag appears as the clickable link that the searcher not only clicks on but sees it. They read this to ensure that the click they are about to perform is actually relevant to what they were searching for in the first place. Take this screenshot of a search for “automotive ebusiness process” within Google:


Automotive Ebusiness Process Google Search
You will notice the user was searching for “Automotive eBusiness Process”. The results page shows the Title Tags of the pages that Google has indexed for this search. The more closely your Title Tags match the users search term, the more relevant you are to them, thus improving your search results position.

While most people will pay no attention to the Title Tag, search engines such as Google and Bing actually use this as their starting point in their indexing of the web.

Why not take a look at all your pages within your website and see what the Title Tags are. Are they quality, informative Title Tags that accurately describe the page content? Or, are they in-descriptive, generic Title Tags such as “Home” or just your company name? Or worse yet, do you have duplicate Title Tags within your website?

Making sure you have unique, descriptive Title Tags on every page of your website can go a long way in your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

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