Compensation, Training and Marketing

We recognize that the difference between the “eCustomer” and the traditional customer are significant. We also must recognize that the approach to each must be different. The opportunity here is to provide a level of “eService” that is comparable to the customer service that your dealership provides to your existing clients. Granted, our “eCustomer” operates from a position of anonymity, but we cannot let that fact deter from a personal level of contact. The biggest mistake that you can make is to somehow equate spam with contact. In addition to anonymity, we face the challenge of the turn around time experienced in the eBusiness universe. Your “eCustomer” has begun the selection process far in advance of his decision deadline. As such, you cannot compensate a sales associate in this department the same as a traditional sales associate. It takes months to cultivate new clients, however using the techniques that we provide, once filled, the pipeline of potential new clients should remain filled.

S2R Solutions is a one stop source for dealers and their automotive eBusiness needs. If there is a service that we cannot provide, we will manage the process/vendor for you. A sample of a few of the services that we provide includes;

Department Designs | Website Review | Newsletters | SEO | VSEO | PPC (SEM) | Scripts | Mystery Shops | Reputation Management | Communication Training | eMail Marketing | In-Dealership Training | Web-Based Training | Action Plans | Social Media | Systems Review | Vertical Search | Data Backup | Mobile Marketing | Increase On-Line Presence | Lead Analysis | ROI Analysis | Job Descriptions

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