Large Enterprise

The demands of working with a large entity encompasses much more than SEO marketing. Most importantly, it requires consistent dialogue, a great deal of creativity, effective communication, a thorough technology analysis and effective department integration. Our strength is found in our diversity. S2R’s team has a combined 60 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, information technologies and alternative marketing. Our experts are fully capable of tackling any situation. We can help.

Small Business

How can a small business owner compete with a mega-store? How do I drive more traffic to my website? How can I turn my website into a profit center? How do I use my website to drive foot traffic¬†to my business? These are the typical questions that face today’s small business owner. The truth is, for most the answers to those questions become so daunting that the path of least resistance is the one chosen…do nothing. With S2R Solutions, we will guide you through this mine field of questions. We understand your capabilities and your budget, and will work within both. We can help.

Automotive eProcess

How do I develop an e-commerce profit center within my brick and mortar dealership? How do I develop processes to provide service to the e-customer, track sales volume, manage contacts and maintain contact? How do I compensate sales professionals that work in the e-commerce environment? S2R Solutions works with dealerships to answer these questions and implement/revise their e-business center. Our Automotive e-Commerce division contains industry leaders in this very specific niche. We can help.


The question is not if a disaster happens, but when will it happen. Disaster recovery is a one of the most significant issues facing small business owners, and likely the most overlooked. We have developed a e-Storage process that provides customized, online backup of your electronic data. At S2R, we believe that most businesses fail to utilize off-site backup because of the complexities in setting up/administering the process. That is why we offer a solution that allows you to do as much or as little as you would like. Where available, we will actually visit your business and install the program for you. We can help.