Hillsborough NJ Social Media Professionals

Hey New Jersey business owners and marketing pros – are you finding that traditional advertising channels aren’t working as effectively as they used to at generating new leads for your business?  Maybe you’ve heard stories of your friends, customers or even competitors using Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms to generate new business.  According to a recent study, 92% of marketing professionals use social media to promote their company.

social-media-wordcloudThere might be a lot of reasons why you aren’t using social media yet to drive sales:

  1. You don’t have the expertise
  2. You don’t have the time or manpower
  3. Your current advertising partner doesn’t offer the service
  4. You don’t think it will be effective

As to #4 above, consider this: 79% of marketers who use social media as a promotional vehicle see it generating more high quality leads that they were getting otherwise. What are you waiting for?

Regarding  #1 – 3, we have a solution. S2R Solutions is a local Central New Jersey internet marketing firm serving Hillsborough NJ and the surrounding area. Outsourcing your social media efforts to S2R means that you’ll be in capable hands, with a dedicated rep who is professional, responsive and will make sure that your company’s true personality comes through via your social media identity.  We can promote your product or service, manage your reputation online and create content that drives new customers to your door or website.

In addition to social media, S2R Solutions can help with a full suite of internet marketing services, including website development, search engine optimization, video optimization and website analytics.

Contact us today for an in person consultation to discuss your company’s opportunity.