Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

Simply put, Internet Marketing, or Alternative Marketing, is the process required to get your business noticed in today’s environment. Previously, you may have used traditional advertising (newspaper, direct mail, radio and tv spots, or telemarketing). In the Internet Marketing world, we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO), and Social Media Optimization (SMO).

At S2R Solutions, we begin the Internet Marketing process by managing expectations. This is a marathon, not a sprint. While our process is both comprehensive and highly targeted at the same time, the ultimate goal is to increase high quality traffic to your site, not all traffic. For example; if you are a distributor that sells to pharmaceutical companies, what is the value of having 100,000 hits to your site from 14 year old boys? If you are an automobile dealership in New York, would you advertise on a billboard in Florida? The shotgun approach is a poor use of time and resources.  In the Alternative marketing world, we use a laser focus to accomplish your goals.

“We value quality over quantity, simplicity over complexity and most importantly, ethics over fees. We believe in meeting face to face whenever possible, providing unsurpassed customer service and being there when you need us.”

Why Internet Marketing?

These days, simply having a website is not enough. If your current and prospective clients can’t find you on the web, what is the point of having a site?  Search drives results.  Think about what you do on a daily basis. If you know a company’s name, do you try to guess their web address or do you use Google? If you need the phone number of a business, do you go find your most recent copy of the yellow pages, or do you use a search engine? When searching for a product or service on the web, do you click on the search results at the bottom of the page or the results at the top?

Can your clients find you on the web? We can help.