• Is your Internet Manager looking at Google Analytics?

    Posted on July 15, 2013 by in Google

    Google Analytics should be reviewed on a weekly or even a daily basis. Are you complaining that you are not getting enough leads from Cars.com or Autotrader.com and seeing a good ROI?

    Well dig deeper.

    Be sure your internet manager is reviewing the Google Analytics report to see what 3rd party providers are driving traffic to your dealership website.  Don’t start freaking on your vendors and threaten to cancel so fast.

    Here are a few Google Analytics metrics you should follow:

    1. Bounce rate: Bounce rate is when a user visits only one page on your site before heading to another site all together.
    2. Conversion: A conversion is when a visitor goes beyond casual viewing into taking measurable action. This may be a banner, a sale, etc..
    3. Traffic Sources: Traffic sources refers to exactly where the site visitors are coming from. cars.com, manufacture sites, etc…. I can’t stress this enough. This needs to be looked at!!
    4. Content: Content is the key for attracting new customers to your site.
    5. Social Reports: Social reports will help you see how many people are finding you through the social sites.

    So before you freak on your vendors, make sure you check your reports.