• Looking to improve your social media campaigns? Climb the “Vine”

    Posted on April 25, 2013 by in automotive, ebusiness, Marketing, social media

    Looking for a new way to share video and climb the “Vine” to improve your Social Media Campaigns?


    In January of 2012, Twitter, the world’s fastest growing social media platform released a new mobile application tat allows you to create short, precise, video messages between brands and their followers. This video content will prove to be a major asset in the process of strengthening brands relationships with consumers as they develop social media search engine optimization and marketing strategies.

    Is your dealership looking to improve your social SEO campaigns? Give Vine a try. It is easy to use and associated with the world’s fastest growing social platform.

    Vine will allow you to do a Quick tour of your dealership, a walk-around of a new or used vehicle prior to the customer coming in the showroom, or a quick introduction of your sales staff.

    Dealers can avoid spending thousands of dollars on a TV commercial and produce a You-Tube series and create Teaser Ads with Vine.  All at the low, low price of $0!!

    Create marketing messages for every department in the dealership. Service tips, parts specials and even a quick demo drive with a sales specialist.