• Why is it important to optimize your website?

    Posted on July 16, 2013 by in ebusiness

    Is your Internet Manager optimizing your website? Or are you still under the impression once it is live  it magically does everything itself? Or do you think your web provider is doing this all for you?

    Well, surprise!! Your website needs attention! And it doesn’t optimize itself.

    It is important to optimize your site to attract more organic traffic because comprised of people that are looking to spend money on a vehicle or service.

    When someone finds your website organically, it is because you have optimized your site correctly and all you need to do is have the appropriate calls to action in place so you can get their information and make them a permanent customer.

    Here are a few tips to know about attracting more organic traffic:

    1. Getting listed on the top page takes time and research. If your Internet Manager “does not have the time” to do this, call us. We can help.
    2. There is no magical SEO fairy. It takes work
    3. The current top dealers got there by doing the work and investing in their dealerships business.
    4. Search engines reward great content. You will rank higher and attract more organic traffic by being the best in your market.

    For more information on optimizing your site, please give us a call.