• Google Pagerank and You – What is Google Pagerank

    Posted on March 3, 2011 by in automotive, ebusiness, Google, Marketing, Pagerank, social media

    What is Google Pagerank?

    Pagerank is one of the many variables Google will use in their algorithm for a search results page (SERP).

    Basically its a classification system Google uses to rate how important any given URL is at any given time. A sites Pagerank is the end result of all the number crunching going on at Google. Pagerank is a mixture of relative content, traffic, keyword density, in-bound links and many other items. Think of it as a popularity contest in the simplest of terms.

    Find out any sites Pagerank.

    The easiest way is to install a plugin to your web browser. If you are using Internet Explorer you can download and install the Google Toolbar or if you are like me and are using Safari you can add the Safari Pagerank Extension and enable it in Safari preferences. It looks like this:


    Now every URL you visit you can quickly see the page rank.

    But what do the Google Pagerank numbers actually mean?
    The good news is that there are only 11 ranks – 0 through 10. Higher is better hear folks.
    I just want to say right now that to achieve a 7 or higher is almost impossible. Extremely difficult to do. Thats CNN.com and Whitehouse.gov level. Sites such as Digg.com (9), Apple.com (9) and Youtube.com (9) are etched into our society so PR7 and above are for the elite.
    Here are our definitions, in english, of what the ranks mean:
    0 – Does Google know you exist? Or do they and they booted you?
    1 – You are indexed but thats about all you have going for you
    2 – Moving up but sub par
    3 – Average. Most sites are a 3
    4 – Better than most. What ever you are doing to your site keep doing
    5 – Good. You are reaping the benefits with higher search results listings. Maybe even page one for a high level, one word term
    6 – Excellent. You should be writing this article
    7 – Top notch. We are hiring. When can you come in.
    8 – Big brand. Think NBC, PBSKids, Verizon Wireless
    9 – Your company can buy Pagerank 8 companies. Apple, Adobe, Amazon, Flicker
    10 – Just crazy. Facebook, Google, USA.gov
    We will talk about ways to improve pagerank in a later post.