• Google Analytics tips for Internet Managers

    Posted on October 21, 2013 by in ebusiness, Google, Marketing

    Is your Internet Manager looking at the Google Analytics? Looking at the Google Analytics on a weekly basis is important for any business. As a Dealer Principal or General Manager, you need to know exactly where your traffic is coming from. Before you start canceling third party lead providers, your Internet Manager should be looking at the Google Analytics report to see where the traffic is coming from.  Here are a few basic tips for beginners:

    1. Unique visitors: Anyone who visits more than once within a given period of time.
    2. New and returning visitors: New visitors vs. returning
    3. Average time they spend on your site: The amount of time they spend on your entire site.
    4. Bounce Rate: The person that visits one page on your site before hitting another.
    5. Direct Traffic: This determines what pages the consumer goes to directly.
    6. Referral Traffic: This show which domains and pages are referred to your site. This is very important to look at.  If don’t see many leads generated by Autotrader.com, but they are your number one referring site to your website and you seem to be getting used car leads and phone calls; why would you consider canceling???  Digging may be time consuming, but it is necessary to see what works and what does not.
    7. Search Engine Traffic: Traffic that comes from visors clicking on links from a search result from any search engine.

    Looking at your Google Analytics should be in the Internet Managers job description so you know what marketing is working and if your money is being well spent.