• Fastest Way to Loose your Customers

    Posted on March 24, 2014 by in automotive, Process Management

    Are you wondering why your previous customers do not return?

    68% of customers leave due to poor customer service. Here are a few interesting reasons why customers leave:

    • 68% leave because of poor treatment!!!! When customers make any purchase they should be treated with the best service. Why? Because they chose you to do business with.
    • 14% are unhappy with the product and service.
    • 9% begin doing business with the competition.
    • 5% seek alternatives.
    • 3% move away.
    • 1% unforntunatly die.

    What makes the experience great at a car dealership?

    • Responding in a timely manner.
    • Validating good and bad experiences.
    • Being available and helpful on line and off line.
    • Treating your customers like people and not a potential pay check.
    • Being personable, transparent and real.