• Do I need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    Posted on June 29, 2011 by in ebusiness

    The better question; can you afford NOT to invest in SEO?.

    At the most basic level, SEO begins with the visibility of your site. If you type the name of your company into a search engine and hit enter, does your website appear at the top of the rankings? If not, that should be your starting point. Let’s postpone the discussion about conversions and specific marketing plans for a while. Priority one needs to be visibility.

    In todays world, Google is our yellow pages. When a prospective client wants your phone number they don’t search through the kitchen drawers looking for the dog-eared yellow book, they go to Google. If they don’t find you there, they will search for your competitors. Every day that you remain invisible, you are actually driving business to your competition.

    Let’s talk keywords. If I were to ask you to describe your business, what would you say? Think about your “elevator speech”. Those descriptive words and phrases should be your targeted keywords. Now let’s add to the discussion the concept of expectation management. Pretend that you are an automobile dealership. I just googled “new cars” and found that there were 301,000,000 results. If you expect to rank number one for “new cars”, then you need an expectation adjustment. However, if we can laser hone your expectations to “new cars in Princeton NJ”, that narrows the scope of the search to one that is both manageable and obtainable. Additionally, no one searching for a new vehicle that lives in Princeton is going to begin their search by typing “new cars”, rather their search will be very geo-centric. Assuming again that you are this dealership, would you buy billboard space in LA to advertise your dealership in NJ? If you are focusing your alternative marketing campaign on ineffective keywords, you are losing prospective clients to your competition.

    Here’s the bottom line; your website may be beautiful, but if it can’t be easily found, it is worthless. Every moment that you remain invisible to your clients, is time spent pushing sales to your competition.

    In today’s world, every business must have a web presence…you can’t afford to wait.