• How is your dealership doing in today’s market?

    Posted on May 14, 2013 by in automotive

    The most successful dealers in today’s market are taking the use of the Internet to go to the highest level. By using the Internet to reach ready-to-buy shoppers and bring them into the stores haggle and hassle free.

    Consumers are relying on the web more than ever to find the best place to buy the right vehicle at the best price.

    During the consumer buying cycle, they reach out at different points.  The top dealers have a long-term process that includes regular on going emails and telephone contact with a prospect for 90-120 days.

    Dealers increase their odds of winning the sales by offering the consumer very useful information every time they attempt contact.

    Short and long-term follow-up are both key factors in increasing their odds of winning the sale.

    Using consisting messages through all types of marketing with ensure all profit centers in your store: traditional, digital, mobile, social, reputation management, publicity, targeted direct mail, merchandising and retention. Be sure that all sources are tracked to have a successful ROI.


    For more information on tracking to ensure the best possible ROI, contact S2R Solutions.