• What is your dealership doing with 90-120 day old leads??

    Posted on May 21, 2013 by in Process Management

    Who is answering internet leads in your dealership? BDC, Sales Representatives and doing the deal A to Z, or do they sit in the CRM and the desk managers wanting to know why no one is walking through the door?

    Whichever way the dealer decides to have the most important leads answered, are the older leads being called? 90-120 day old leads are crucial. What are your employees saying to the lead that “bought elsewhere”? Do they wish them luck, deactivate them from the CRM and move on or are they offering them a free oil change and detail? If they purchased from competition and live in your backyard, now is the perfect opportunity to earn a life long service customer.

    Leads are leads, no matter how old and where they came from.

    Long term follow-up is important!!