• Dealers are getting more Internet Leads, are they being answered?

    Posted on June 20, 2013 by in automotive, ebusiness, Process Management

    According to Automotive news this week, dealers are seeing a greater amount of leads from their website. And they are not incomplete leads. Consumers are giving all of the information for the dealer to contact them.

    These days, fewer consumers dread walking in a dealership, waiting for hours and not being treated with white glove treatment. Purchasing a new vehicle is the 2nd biggest purchase next to a new home. Ranging anywhere from 10k-40k!! Changing the dread of going to a dealership can easily be solved. (Call us, we can help)

    All “walk-ins”  and “drive-by’s” have been on-line doing their homework whether they submitted a lead or not.  Is your sales floor sourcing properly? Do you know what your ROI is for all lead sources?

    Sourcing on the sales floor is very important and yet, not many are doing so. Try removing “drive-by” and “walk-in” from your CRM for one Saturday, add a new line to the power greeting in regards to “seeing us on-line”.

    Two out of every three visitors to a dealership website are opening an inventory page or looking at specific vehicles and submitted name, address, a real phone number and email. Are they being handled in a timely fashion???