• Are you checking your Internet Department’s Commission Sheets?

    Posted on October 8, 2013 by in automotive, Process Management

    Who is responsible in your dealership for reviewing and approving the Internet Mangers commission sheet? How are they getting paid?

    If your Internet Manager is a one man show and is being paid on ALL internet customers that walk through the door, we would highly suggest taking a look in the CRM to confirm they had appointments set and there has been two way communication in the past seven business days.

    Here are a few suggestions on how ISM and BDC reps commissions should be paid:

    1. There should be two-way communication between the rep and the customer. Via email or phone.
    2. A seven day rule should apply.  If the ISM or BDC rep has not had two-way communication in seven business days, the commission on that deal should be reviewed and discussed.
    3. The appointment MUST be set in the CRM to receive commission on the show/sold. If the customer could not commit to a time, the notes in the CRM should be detailed. BDC reps should be writing detailed notes on all conversations.


    Take a look, you would be amazed how many dealers may be paying out on commissions when it is not deserved.