• Bad Leads or Deals?

    Posted on November 4, 2013 by in automotive, ebusiness, Process Management

    A recent study found had very interesting facts about people who contact dealerships for information and what happens when they do. The study found that over half of the people who inquire will buy within 18 months. 15% of them will buy in the first 90 days, leaving 85% in the “more than 90 day category.

    The problem is that most BDC reps or sales people do not have the patience, or a system to handle the long term follow up for the people who are not “ready to buy right now” and consider them “bad leads”.

    Most BDC Managers send out the typical ” Are you still in the market” email campaign. These blasts sit in the spam folder, or never get read.  A phone call to the potential buyer telling them about the current specials on the vehicle of interest would increase the chances of getting the appointment.

    If you are busy getting fresh leads and can’t focus on older leads; re-assign the older leads to the floor, or have the receptionist call. You will be surprised what will come out of it.