• 4 Ways videos can help Car Dealers

    Posted on March 3, 2014 by in ebusiness

    We should all know by now that Google loves videos. So, using video is good for SEO in any industry and is a traffic builder for your website especially if it is hosted on Youtube.

    1. Customers react very strongly to a good video. It can be better than advertising on TV for many reasons.  Adding videos to your website can be beneficial and may help “close the deal”.
    2. Optimize it.  Optimize your dealerships videos by creating titles and meta tags. Properly tagged videos are loved by all search engines.
    3. Videos are easy to create to increase search results for all departments in your dealership. Sales, service and parts should all have videos so the consumer knows what they will get before and ager they purchase.
    4. Video engage more people and will increase the conversion rate.  Viewers are more likely to share videos if the content is relevant. Walk a round videos, demo drives, oil changes and customer testimonials will give the consumer a glimpse of your store before they come in.